Hi, I’m Kirsten Campbell and this is my business partner Allison Sauer,

I've been working in Social Media Content Marketing since 2012. I've ridden the algorithm up and down over the years and I want to show you how to make impactful, engaging, original content that is scroll-stopping, clickable, and shareable. I have an incredible team of content creators that are excited to help you reach your online goals.


On this site you will find options to hire my team to manage your blog, social media, or create content for you as well as a one time strategy for either Facebook or SEO. If you're the kind of person who would instead rather roll up your sleeves and do the dirty work yourself, you can take our Organic Social Media Course were I give away the strategy and tools my team and I have been working on for years! 


If you have questions at any point send me a message and I will happily see how we can best work together on your next project. Listen, I get it, running a business is hard enough without trying to stay on top of the social media algorithm too. Leverage my years of experience to make your project thrive while saving as much money as possible to drive traffic, gain leads, and make sales.

Working Together to Create Conscious Projects

Community In Flow LLC was created to help great projects, content, and businesses find their communities. We do this with free guides, training courses, content creation, and social media management.


Join us as we work to uplift the world through conscious media. 

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Some Of Our Impact So Far!

In the last year, my team and I used these principles to drive well over 63 million page views on our blog and reach over 432 million people on Facebook with our top 3 pages. 

The Community in Flow team is one of the most adaptable, committed teams I have ever worked with. They have a clear understanding that in today’s competitive internet market, no one set of rules apply.


They understand the need for adaptability and are constantly reassessing the needs of our company to make sure we are maximizing trends, utilizing the latest strategies, and predicting upcoming challenges to ensure we are prepared to deal with the ever-shifting market.


They are highly professional and have risen to any challenge with a sense of enthusiasm and solid strategy that has allowed us to maintain our solid presence in social media and continue to grow to be one of the largest health platforms on the internet today.

Michelle Toole

CEO and Founder

Working with Community In Flow LLC has been a great experience! Their Team of skilled writers in an all-in-one resource for content management—from writing and publishing blog articles to curating social media videos.


Coupled with Community In Flow LLC’s pool of talent, is a dedicated Project Manager that provides weekly updates to our Team and new ideas for content generation to leverage in our marketing efforts.


This dedicated Team has learned our business to provide the best deliverables for our needs and has been an asset in keeping our content fresh and engaging, while keeping in mind best SEO practices.

Megan Gossard

Better Choice Company

Kirsten and her team at Community In Flow LLC were amazing. They were super professional. On-time and under budget, even if we went out of scope from time to time, they were always accommodating.

The best part about Kirsten and her team was their ability to really listen to us as a client and over deliver. They work and play well with other vendors and deliver superior content.


I’d recommend Kirsten and her team to anyone as a great plug and play content solution to meet growing demands of day-to-day marketing operations.

Christian Adams

Performance Marketer

Working with Kirsten Campbell and her expert team has enhanced our brand significantly. Her approach is one that is custom made and utilizes data, passion and focus. Without a doubt, Kirsten and her team are spectacular, a rare gem in the digital and social space.

Partha Nandi MD


Community In Flow LLC did an outstanding job for us.

Kirsten and her Team's constant attention to detail produced:
an 80% increase in Facebook followers. And they doubled, yes doubled, our daily average number of visits to Facebook.


Video Views are up 77.9% from the previous year. Engagement was up 142% and followers were up 416% from the previous year.

Community In Flow LLC produced what they said they would, and went way past what we expected. Extremely professional, attentive, and responsive, I have no hesitancy in recommending them to you. Thank you Kirsten and Team!

Dr. Tom O'Bryan,


Working Together To Create Conscious Projects

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