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Outlast the Social Media Algorithm with the Best Organic Content Strategy

Hi, I’m Kirsten Campbell and I have been working in Social Media Content Marketing since 2012. I have ridden the algorithm up and down over the years and I want to show you how to make impactful, engaging, original content that is scroll-stopping, clickable, and shareable.

I built a social media course where I show you all of my tools, strategies, and tactics to build the right community online for your business while saving you money.


This course is designed to help support small business owners, scaling business, communities, and big businesses looking for new strategies to spark up their social media pages and support their media buying and advertising efforts.


Look, I could have charged a lot for these techniques that my team and I have spent years mastering, but honestly I didn’t want to. I want every small business owner to be able to have the tools they need to grow their business online so they have more time for their family and life outside of work.


Building and operating your own business is hard enough without having to learn an entirely new industry online. By leveraging my skills, strategies, and formulas you will see an impact right away.


By using my organic social media system, my clients have found huge growth in their online following, created engaged online communities, increased traffic to their websites, generated more leads, and turned those leads into more sales...

Check out some testimonials below about our impact so far!

20 Lessons on Social Media Content Strategy, Tools, and Tactics


  • Save Time Using Trickle-Down Content Strategies

    Learn how to save your own precious time by leveraging your content to maximizing it's effectiveness in as many places as possible across your social media platforms. 

  • Game-Changing Tools

    In this course, I share my game-changing tools giving you the information you need to create high-quality content and schedule it online effortlessly. 

  • Reach & Understand Your Demographic

    What's the point of creating content if it isn't going to be seen by your future client? Learn where they're hanging out and how to positively impact them so you can meet their needs. 

  • How-Tos & Walk Throughs

    My team and I walk you through how to create content that will get the traction you are looking for online. 

Community In Flow Organic Social Media Course

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Money Back Guarantee

  • Lifetime Access

    After purchasing this course, you will have lifetime access to it so you can revisit and review the lessons as many times as you need to while you are perfecting the art of social media. 

  • Create Content That Works

    Stop struggling with your content not being seen. Save money by never hitting that 'boost' button again. Leverage our formula to create clickable and sharable content.

  • Drive Traffic To Your Site And Get Clients

    By educating your community, you will win over the trust of your future clients who will be itching to hire you or purchase your products. 

What Our Previous Students and Clients Say...

“Kirsten’s guidance helped me see how to make sure that my educational posts were getting in front of an audience -and an audience who actually wanted to hear what I was teaching - instead of just talking to a vacuum. My post reach went from 20-30 to 3,000 in the course of a month with no effort and no ads.


My page tripled in size and my booking for clients became effortless, both from locals and from digital clients all over the country. I had been using Facebook ads with no real increase in likes, bookings, or messages, and with Kirsten's consultation, I stopped throwing my money away on useless ads and started getting real revenue.”

Sarah LeClair

Piano in Heels

“Kirsten has been an instrumental and integral part of helping me to grow my online presence! She has guided me through the fog of Facebook ads to help me create successful ads that have grown my community and personal boundaries program exponentially.


Her response to questions and issues is always timely and spot on. I am grateful for her knowledge and experience in the world of social media!”

Jillian Christy

The Boundaries Coach

“Over the past two years, I watched my small business' online orders progressively be cut in half each year. This year, I partnered with Community In Flow to optimize search keywords, edit my ad copy, and improve overall user experience.


This resulted in more than a 300% increase in sales this year... and it's still climbing. Thanks Community In Flow! I'm thrilled with the results.”

Marbe C

Marbe's Knitted Creations

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